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Data interface driver download

By Lea | Sep 30, 2009 | In Windows
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Introduction to data interface espacially the USB and IEEE1394 interface and provide yor free download of data interface driver.

Digital camera data interface introduction

In order to facilitate the downloading of memory file of digital cameras, there are several ways to communicate between computer and the camera. The most common ways are: IEEE 1394 interface and USB interface.

USB(USB drivers) transfer rate is now only 12Mbps/s which can only support keyboard, mouse(mouse driver), and microphone and other low-speed devices, while the IEEE1394 support up to 400Mbap/s that enables you to connect digital cameras, scanners(scanner drivers), and information appliances that require high-speed equipment.

Now USB has been widely used in various areas that almost every PC motherboards are set up USB interface. The use of USB2.0 will expand the range of USB usage.

In order to ensure the successful communication between your computer and your device, you have to install a proper driver for the transfer.

Download the newest data interface driver for your device.



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